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English A-Z Spring Class

Perfect Place for your Kids & teens to Master English In a Fun & Comfortable Way

It's time for your child to enjoy their favorite English movies without subtitles

Classes from May 2nd to June 22nd

You might ask, what are the challenges faced by kids & teens who don't know English?

Here they are :-

They get completely lost whenever written or spoken English is being used.

They are not able to get the most out of their digital experience.

They always have to look for the support of translators when using the internet.

They try to memorize English phrases & sentences for communication.

They have little confidence & flexibility in communicating outside of set scripts.

They translate English phrases & sentences in their heads to avoid mistakes while speaking or writing.

They face difficulty in studying & working in an English speaking country due to language barrier.

In the future, landing a good job in a multinational company feels like a difficult task, either in their home country or abroad.

But, how is your program going to solve these problems?

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English A-Z Spring Class is a two month program for kids & teens from all around the world to gain skills & confidence in all areas of English.

Starting from Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary or Grammar, and ending with community, fun and friendship, this program has covered everything.

This program offers a live teacher in a small group setting (maximum 5 students).

Our expert instructors have more than 20+ years of experience in teaching English in Schools & Online and know how to support each student’s individual needs.

They will get an exposure to an American style classroom & learn about American & global culture.

We make them comfortable with presentation, critical thinking & public speaking skills.

We create a safe & consistent learning environment for our students to connect with everyone through English no matter where they are.

Students learn in fun and interesting ways without feeling like they’re sitting in a boring lecture listening to their teacher.

Not only that our students will get to have conversation classes with native English speakers who can guide and share insights with them on how they can improve their communication skills and sound like a native English speaker.

Download our Syllabus & take a look at the contents we will be teaching

What our children will be able to do after taking this program?

Read their favorite English books.


Listen to their favorite songs, watch their favorite Tv shows and movies.


Speak English confidently without fear and hesitation.


Participate in debates and showcase their critical thinking and reasoning skills.


Become better at giving presentations in schools and colleges.


Write & deliver speech at any event in front of people confidently.


Be able to use advanced vocabulary & grammar in their speaking & writing & impress their teachers as well as friends.

Watch a sample lesson of how our students learn

Let's talk about pricing & classes

For Kids aged 5 & 6

Total duration- 2 Months
2 classes per week(30 min each)
Every Monday & Wednesday
Price - $320

For Kids aged 7 to 15

Total duration- 2 Months
2 classes per week every Monday & Wednesday(45 min each) 
Price - $320

Want to have a 1:1 conversation class with our native English speakers who will help you become a better English speaker?

Reserve your seat for our Friday(45 min) Conversation Class!
Price - $160

Benefits of Joining our Program

User Friendly Platform
Easily accessible from PCs, Tablets & Mobile Devices
Homework & Feedback
Homework & class recording conviniently available on the same platform
Aligned with U.S Core Curriculum
Our learning goals prepare students for multicultural social interactions
Live Classes
Teachers & students interact with each other through our live online classes
Our interactive whiteboard allows students to collaborate on screen
Accessible Materials
Our lectures consist of rich & varied book, quizzes, games & songs
Integrated Discussions
We encourage to participate in conversation & discussion in every class
Class Recaps
Recaps are available for all classes to ensure students can review all materials

What our parents & students are saying

"The class content and teaching style is very attractive, my daughter cried when she had to miss class for an appointment"  - April, mother


What will happen after I register for the program?

After you register we will notify you via email, the commencement of classes and accordingly send you the link for payment & the link for the class to join. We use classin as our platform.

Is there any refund policy?

We offer a prorated refund by the end of the first week of class.

Are there any prerequisites before joining the program?

There are no prerequisites.

Will we get the class recordings?

All classes will be recorded and students can watch them any time

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out at

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