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Children's Race

Levels for All 
Progress for All

English ConnectEd creates a path of success for children to learn English. 

Children are enrolled in English classes based on age and English level.  

English ConnectEd bietet unterhaltsame und motivierende Online-Englischkurse für Kinder und Erwachsene
Building skills

Experienced teachers bring lessons of real English communication. We don't use set scripts and memorization. Our students learn to communicate naturally.

Reaching goals

Our teachers create a supportive classroom environment that encourages students each step of the way.  Students reach reading, writing, and speaking goals at every level.

Celebrating progress

Our lessons are student-focused.  We are invested in the success of all of our students.  Our teachers love celebrating the progress of each student every step of the way. 

Three Cute Kids


3 Terms for new learners

This course is an introduction to English.  Students will learn to recognize the English alphabet and phonetic sounds.  Through singing, rhyming, and visual learning students will be able to being building their English vocabulary. 


DRA A-1 - 6       RAZ AA-D



12 Terms for early learners


 This course builds on phonics, daily vocabulary, reading, and simple sentence construction in writing.   Students will be able to recognize words in context and distinguish between upper and lowercase letters. 

DRA 3-12       RAZ C-J

Ready for School
Pre Intermediate

Pre Intermediate

6 Terms for early continuing learners

 This course prepares students for intermediate courses.  Building vocabulary and grammar skills bridges the gap to reading and writing at a 2nd grade level. 

DRA 18-24      RAZ J-M

School Children


12 Terms for continuing learners  

 This course builds skill in English writing and reading up to a 3rd grade level.  Students will also develop skills in English conversation, presentation, and discussion. 

DRA 24-30       RAZ M-R

Kids at School

Pre Advanced

6 Terms for early progressive learners

 This course guides students from a lower elementary level to an upper elementary level of English.  Skills in foundational grammar and reading comprehension will be strengthened to prepare students for advanced courses. 

DRA 30-38       RAZ R-T

Pre Advanced
Using a Tablet


12 Terms for progressive learners

 This course refines skills in grammar, writing, and reading in English above a 4th grade level. Students will also expand on skills in English conversation, presentation, and discussion.


DRA 38-40+       RAZ T-V+

Playing with Wooden Alphabets


16 week class for new learners

This course is an introduction to English for our youngest learners. 

This course builds skills in the English alphabet, letter and sound recognition, and simple words. 

A Girl in a Classroom
Writing Camp

Writing Camp

5-day Camp 


This course generates skills in creative writing and presentation. 

A variety of writing camps are offered for Beginner to Advanced learners.

Reading Camp

Reading Camp

5-day Camp 


This course generates skills in reading fluency and comprehension through a variety of text. 

A variety of reading camps are offered for Beginner to Advanced learners.

Sind Sie bereit, Ihr Kind für einen Kurs oder ein Camp anzumelden?
Klicken Sie unten, um zu erfahren, welche Kurse derzeit verfügbar sind. 


Lassen Sie uns Ihnen helfen, den perfekten Englischkurs für Ihre Schüler zu finden.


Wir helfen Ihnen, den perfekten Englischkurs für Ihr Kind zu finden.


Wir helfen Ihnen, den perfekten Englischkurs zu finden.

Habe Fragen?  Lasst uns helfen. 

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