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Online English Camps

Online Education

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Fun Learning

Small groups for active participation

Groups based on age and English level for building communication

Fun activities and topics for engaged learning

Online platform for easy accessibility

Active classes, Active learning!

Camp Themes

Winter Sports Reading Camp 

Speaking and Conversation Camp

Animals Writing Camp

Theater Speaking Camp

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Our 5-day online English Camps are a fun place for your child's winter break learning and the perfect solution to your winter break struggles. 

Winter Break Struggles

Winter Solutions

Too much time, and kids need more activity

Too little time to attend a full 8-week course

Too cold to be outside in the afternoon

Too crowded at in-person lessons

Travel schedule gets in the way of in-person classes 

English ConnectEd Online Winter Camps! 

Get ahead for next school year! 

Your child can stay safe and healthy at home and still make new friends and have fun while learning!

Small classes with a maximum of 4 students

Students can attend class with a laptop or tablet so class comes with you anywhere! 

You can add an 8-Week Course or Conversation Class, too!

2023 English Winter Camps

Camp Information

5 days per camp

Monday - Friday 

45 minute classes

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels


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